Job Description


Overview of Position: The Executive Director is responsible for leading and growing Seed Effect as we provide economic empowerment, education, and spiritual discipleship to the world’s most unstable communities.The Executive Director serves as the key management leader of Seed Effect and works closely with the Board of Directors to execute the organization’s vision and mission, cultivate financial and operational partners, build and foster relationships with key stakeholders, raise funds, and support and oversee program and operational staff.

  • Hours: Full time, salaried
  • Salary: Commensurate with experience
  • Benefits: Medical and dental for employee and dependents, vacation, sick leave and holidays
  • Location: Dallas, TX


There are three specific areas of responsibility for the Executive Director:

  • Program Development and Management
  • Development and Financial
  • Team Management


Development and Financial

  1. Ensure financial resources are available to meet or exceed funding needs for new and existing operations. This includes developing a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to fundraising and communication with defined, measurable outcomes; identifying new funding prospects; building relationships with foundations and donors; and writing grant proposals and reporting on grant outcomes.
  2. Develop strong relationships with like-minded leaders, organizations and churches.
  3. Promote and publicize Seed Effect’s strategy and programs with partners, agencies, organizations, and the general public through speaking and writing engagements and attending conferences and events.
  4. Work with Director of Operations to create and maintain an annual budget and review periodic financial reports.
  5. Work with the Director of Operations and local program team to ensure up to date, accurate, and efficient program reporting.


Team Management

  1. Responsible for the day-to-day leadership of all staff. Ensure team members understand organizational objectives and how their work contributes to advancing those objectives.
  2. Work with Director of Operations to set individual and team goals. Oversee and support project planning and execution to achieve these goals.
  3. Maintain a Christ-centered climate that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of top quality people.
  4. Encourage staff development and discipleship to improve impact, effectiveness and job satisfaction of each team member and manage employee review process.
  5. Be responsible for the recruitment, employment, and release of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers.


Program Development and Management

  1. Collaborate with the Board to advance Seed Effect’s mission, including growth and expansion plans in South Sudan, Uganda, and/or other countries.
  2. Create multi-year strategic plans, including specific projects, timelines, and key performance indicators necessary to achieve strategic goals.
  3. Develop and oversee execution of annual operational plans, including program, fundraising, marketing, and spiritual integration plans.
  4. Ensure that U.S. and in-country boards are kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it. Coordinate U.S. Board meeting, activities and administration.
  5. Develop and maintain an understanding of industry developments and trends.



  • Personal confession of faith in Jesus Christ, knowledge of the Bible, and a theological perspective that undergirds ecumenical action.
  • Strong commitment to the mission and vision of Seed Effect- including economic empowerment, education, and discipleship.
  • Strong leadership and management skills and experience.
  • Excellent written and oral communication and persuasive presentation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills.
  • Ability to make decisions independently combined with an ability to work collaboratively.
  • Capability to thrive and take initiative with limited oversight and direction- be a self starter.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • International travel, missions, or work experience and strong cross-cultural skills preferred.
  • Knowledge of microfinance and previous work experience is preferred.
  • Proficient at Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

TO APPLY: Please send resume and cover letter to our committee


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