Beatrice Gune

“I thank God for Seed Effect!” For standing with me during my difficult moments when my husband abandoned me and I had nothing to eat, nowhere to stay, and even no hope to live; the microloan and spiritual support kept me strong and I thank God for answering my prayers. Now I am growing in my knowledge of Him and am reconciled with my husband.”

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After her parents died in the war, Beatrice was orphaned and alone. With no education, she hoped that a husband would solve her problems. But her marriage only made things worse. Her husband was an alcoholic and his drinking led to abuse. He threw Beatrice out of their home, leaving her alone again to care for their three children.

With the help of a friend, she started a business but could never earn enough money to provide for her children. This led her to Seed Effect where Beatrice received access to economic empowerment, education, and the Gospel. She invested her microloan and worked hard to grow her small business selling bread in the marketplace into her own restaurant. Eventually she was able to earn enough money to provide food, shelter, and school fees for her family.

Moreover, the love, discipleship, and encouragement of the Seed Effect team led Beatrice to give her life to Christ. She also learned about forgiveness and eventually chose to forgive her husband.

Through Seed Effect, God has restored her dignity. Her business grew. Her family was reunited. She was empowered and her hope was restored. She’s now seen as a leader in her community as she encourages and strengthens other women.

She even says,“I am thankful for my husband mistreating me because at that point I came to know the Lord. He is guiding me.”

Stories of hope, opportunity, and perseverance motivate us to action.

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