We’ve said that South Sudan is a hard place to work and yet we are committed to the hard places. So what makes it so hard and what does that commitment look like?

Initially it was lack of infrastructure as there were few paved roads and no electricity or running water.  Then it was instability when conflict erupted in the capital city of Juba.  Later it was insecurity when inflation soared to 800%.  And now war, as over 1 million South Sudanese have been displaced and forced to flee their homes.  So yes, it’s a hard place to work but it’s an even harder place to live and thrive.  The only constant in South Sudan is change.

And so commitment, for Seed Effect, looks like perseverance and adaptability. Likewise, these are the exact words often used to describe the tenacity of refugees. Survival means adapting to whatever circumstances you’re faced with.  As they adapt, so do we.

You’ve seen our latest video about our new savings-led microfinance program but have you read about our plans to bring this program to the South Sudanese refugees in the camps?  For this month’s weekend reading list, we’re looking further at adaptability : What does an agile and innovative nonprofit do differently? What does life look like for refugees adapting to their new environment? How is Seed Effect adapting alongside our South Sudanese brothers and sisters?  Read on to find out…

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