When Anna Lee was 7 just  years old, her grandmother taught her how to sew. She had heard about women in South Sudan who were also seamstresses and who needed a sewing machine to start a business to make money to care for their children. So she asked her mom if she could have a “Lemonade and Headband Stand” to raise money to empower these women. Her parents encouraged her generosity and she got to work making signs and headbands to sell.

With each sale, she advocated for the Seed Effect clients and raised over $325 to empower the women of South Sudan!

Her mom says—‘It was totally God prompting Anna Lee and Him helping us all to follow through.’

Many of the clients we serve with access to economic empowerment, discipleship, and education run small businesses, like a tailoring shop, and use the loans to invest in their business, earn a profit, and provide for their family. Inspired by the ingenuity and generosity of supporters like Anna Lee, we launched a Businesses Empowering Businesses program to connect our supporters to our clients. You can use your business, or even your lemonade stand, to raise money to support the work of Seed Effect.

Thank you, Anna Lee, for your incredible heart to serve the South Sudanese!

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