Bringing hope to the hopeless is the greatest story of this new program. We serve refugees who think they have nothing at all and have no certainty for the future in terms of food, shelter, medical and payment of school fees. But through Seed Effect’s savings program, they’ve realized that it is not about having much but rather setting apart something little continuously to take care of the future.

The most encouraging part of working here has been going to the field and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with desperate people who need hope and strengthening. Integrating economic empowerment with the spiritual component is a pride that we, as Seed Effect Staff, are so encouraged by. More people are now doing Bible studies and getting to know and hear the word of God through our savings program.

Today you can meet any of our group members with smiles on their faces because Seed Effect has helped them realize their hopes and dreams again. Those who thought their business dreams were ended by the war back in South Sudan have realized that, through the savings program, they can still pursue their dreams even in the refugee settlements and become better than even in South Sudan.

With your support, in just 7 months, we’ve served over 4,000 members in Uganda, blowing past our initial goal of 3,000! This savings program has given hope to both our staff and our members as they now see a better tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting Seed Effect!

James Lomude
Seed Effect Uganda Country Director


James Lomude, Missy Williams, and Stella Lomude on the shore of the Nile River.

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