Dear friends,


2017 began with a traumatic and sudden exodus from South Sudan. The war had finally arrived at our doorstep and our staff andmembers had no choice but to flee.

As we grieved together, we prayed fervently over our next steps. That’s when God led us to Uganda.

Over the course of our seven years in South Sudan, Seed Effect had empowered 2,500 members. By the end of 2017, our program in Uganda served over 5,700 members – in just seven months!

What was meant for evil, God has used for His glory. 2017 was the year of new beginnings.

Our brothers and sisters have experienced the unthinkable and there are now over a million South Sudanese refugees rebuilding their lives alongside their new neighbors in northern Uganda.

These refugees are moms, dads, business owners, and employees, who are fully capable but lack access to the tools and training they need to rebuild their lives.

After seeing the impact that Seed Effect’s program made in South Sudan, we knew that Christ-centered, savings-led microfinance could bring dignity, opportunity, and empowerment to another hard place that desperately needed it.

Since launching in Uganda, we have seen lives transformed and an incredible movement begin to grow. Seed Effect members are studying God’s word together, building Christ-centered community, saving for emergencies and household needs, and empowering each other through small loans to provide for their families.

Because of your support, our members are changing the perception that refugees and the materially poor aren’t capable.

This year has been an amazing journey which you have made possible! With so much instability, we know it would have been easy to walk away. But you didn’t. You continued to invest in this mission to bring hope to hard places and your investment has paid off.

Because of your unwavering support, Seed Effect’s program in Uganda is flourishing. On page 13, you’ll meet Peter, one of our staff you helped employ. On page 14, you’ll meet Mary, one of the 5,700+ members Peter and his coworkers served in 2017. And on page 16, you’ll see our vision. We plan to serve 8,000 new members in 2018!

You are a reflection of God’s steadfast love for His people and we are so grateful for your faithful commitment. Thank you for investing in them!

Missy Williams,
Executive Director & Co-Founder


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