Anatazia Atoo

“Now that  Seed Effect has come, we know that you are going to help us stand firm.”

“I have two children, Joshua and Edward, that are grown now. My other children died. When one of my daughter’s passed away, I started taking care of two of my grandchildren. They are 12 and 4. We came here from South Sudan.  

Before I joined Seed Effect, I would sit at home and was miserable, always thinking about the past. I heard about Seed Effect from some neighbors that explained the importance of the group and I joined. Then the loneliness disappeared.

We study the bible, pray, and share our experiences together. I also learned how to save. My group consoled me and I became happy again. Now I am taking good care of the children left to me.  

I do not have a store to run a business but I buy charcoal in bulk and put it into smaller bags and sell it again. At the end of our savings cycle when we share out the money, I plan to buy two goats — a he goat and a she goat — so that I can sell the offspring. With the money I make, I can take care of my two grandkids.  

I am benefitting so much from the advice that my group gives me and the knowledge I have has helped me to save. I want to continue being in my group, which is making me happy and helping me to raise my children.  

I would love for you to pray for me as I care for these grandchildren. I am also still dealing with the pain of losing my children. Sometimes it makes me so sad. Please pray for my heart to be strengthened.  

We chose the name, Amanzora, meaning “We Thank You” for our group because we have a lot of stress and have experienced so much trauma. But now that you, Seed Effect, have come, we know that you are going to help us stand firm. That is why we chose to say ‘We Thank You’.”  

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