“When Seed Effect came with this service we learned the heart of togetherness…”

Josephine is one of many South Sudanese refugees that actually grew up in Uganda, returned to South Sudan after independence with the hope of peace for her nation, and is now living in the Ugandan refugee settlements for the second time.

This time she is raising and providing for her four children as her husband travels back and forth between Uganda and South Sudan for work.

She joined a Seed Effect savings and loan group after she and some of her neighbors heard about a Seed Effect group that started at one of the local churches in their village. The woman learned more about the group, saw it in action, and decided that it was good to be in a group.

Josephine explained that, When you are in a group you learn more, you share experiences with others, you create friendships. You are able to be in the group and can  forget about what happened and that’s the good thing of being in the group.” 

As a result, Josephine and her neighbors were able to mobilize other members to create their own Seed Effect savings group with the help of a field officer.

She shared how Seed Effect is different and why they like the program:

“When Seed Effect came in they taught us how to manage the group, so we had knowledge from them on how to share bible.

We also do bible sharing before we do savings. So we are first to do bible sharing so that we are able to strengthen our faith with God also. That’s why we really like it, it is a group for saving, but also for spiritual growth. You grow economically and also spiritually from the group.”

In fact, Josephine told us what she likes most about Seed Effect is their service.

“When they [Seed Effect] came with this service we learned the heart of togetherness, and that spirit of savings, and having love for God.”

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