“Life here is hard compared to back home in South Sudan, but after receiving the [Seed Effect] box, life is improving.”

When fighting broke out in her small town in South Sudan, Grace fled to Uganda to seek refuge. She ran with seven children, four of her own and three additional children who were separated from their parents because of the war. While trying to rebuild their lives in Uganda, Grace heard about Seed Effect and decided to join a group with other people in her settlement. Their savings group is called Anyjiasi meaning “to take heart.”

“Life here is hard compared to back home in South Sudan, but, after receiving the box, life is improving. 

In the group here, they have provided tools, which is good. We have the box where we can save money, and out of the money we save we can begin to recover the items we lost in South Sudan.”

Grace explained that there are very few ways to get money when first arriving to the settlements.

“I used the food that the UN gives us. Once I receive it, I divide the ration portion into two. One half I keep for my family and the other half I take to the market to sell in order to save money for the group and put shares in the box. Now after being in the group I have also been able to take a loan. I used the loan to buy food (wholesale) and then resell it at a higher rate (retail) and use the profit to continue to save and pay interest on the loan.”

Being a member of Anyijiasi has not only allowed Grace to start rebuilding her life financially, but it has also begun transforming her life spiritually. 

“I believe the Bible study that we have here is helping me as I learn to move forward.

I am giving thanks to Seed Effect. I do not have much to save but I am giving thanks for bringing the box and keeping us busy. Saving here it has really improved, a little bit, our lives.”  

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