“When somebody educates you it is more necessary than when someone gives you cash – that will stick in your mind forever and ever.”

“I have been in the refugee settlements in Uganda three different times. First in 1957, then followed by 1989, and then this is the third time, beginning in 2016.

Throughout the war, we have been wasting time with our development. You do small development just for it to be destroyed it seems. Life is so difficult. Our group here has at least alleviated some pressure. We are still struggling, but it is reducing our pressure, because the little that we have put into savings we can take it to help us if we have sickness or even for paying the school fees for our children. 

Yeah, so Seed Effect is helping to give us some development back and even helping to put us in a position to be made strong – helping to make us strong. We have no other groups, no other organization that has brought us that plan, that development. 


In the settlements we are given very little plots for anything but houses, but they have never given us land for cultivation. That is why we ask to be directed to skills training, since we were not given land for cultivation and what we are saving we get from the rations and part of it is used to sustain ourselves, then we sell the other part.

We are praying and ask you to stand with us in prayer. Let God bring something and support us in terms of giving us skills.

At the end of the cycle, once we share out the money, we are to have a skill to use the money so that we can raise something up, we ask this prayer. When somebody educates you it is more necessary than when someone gives you cash – that will stick in your mind forever and ever.

There are so many struggles and yet we are smiling and have joy. 

My joy is your visiting these groups, it really makes us joyful. We never knew our struggles would be known worldwide, and it makes us very happy.


Another thing, which brings us joy, is you know at first we were traumatized because of the incidents up in South Sudan. Some of us had our things in hand, lives established, we had businesses, we had maybe wealth, but all those things vanished because of war. So when Seed Effect came in with this program, the little we have here, we have been able to start saving so we have hope that at the end of the cycle we are going to get something maybe to start our business.

We are deeply appreciative of your encouragement and support, and especially the spiritual aspect – it is very important.  Because once when you are encouraged or you have instilled the Word of God, you will not forget. It is stuck in my mind, it is stuck here.

So my prayer is thanking you in supporting us in the spiritual and economic, and giving more skill training so that we can do things by ourselves.

We know that now our sufferings have reached around the world so let our prayer partners outside of here pray for us.  

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