“We are thankful for this program.  It [Seed Effect] is bringing opportunity.”

“I decided to join Seed Effect because what they are doing is very uplifting, both spiritually and with economic empowerment.

And the second reason that I decided to join Seed Effect was because by the time we reached this settlement in Uganda our lives were not easy. It was very difficult. So Seed Effect came in, with the component of sharing the word of God, and this program has now brought us communities.

We share things together, and whatever hurting happens, we are helped by the other members. It’s like, for example, once when my child fell sick, I came to the group and borrowed money and as a result I was able to take my child for treatment. Another example is when children are sent home from the school because of a lack of school fees – one can go to the group members and ask for a loan to pay the school fees and then return that loan with interest.

As for now, we are thankful for this program. It is bringing opportunity and we ask you to continue on supporting this program so that we can continue to grow like this.” 

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