2019 was a BIG YEAR

Through you, God abundantly provided!

For 2019, we had prayerfully set six goals: 

1) Grow to 30,000 total members served.

2) Launch a new branch in northern Uganda (totaling 4 branches).

3) Promote resiliency by empowering our members to save an average of $45 or more per person.

4) Encourage spiritual and relational growth with 90% or more members reporting an improvement in their relationships with God and others.

5) Foster sustainability with 90% or more graduated groups continuing on to a second cycle.

6) Raise $1,100,000 to fund this life-changing work.

Here’s how you made this possible:

1) YOU helped us reach over 26,000 members. Click here to read about our Independence Evaluation and why we intentionally delayed growth.

2) YOU launched a fourth Seed Effect branch in northern Uganda.

3) YOU promoted resiliency.
Seed Effect members report a 34% average return on savings. Members that have graduated from their first cycle, report an average savings and profit of $64. Members that have graduated from their second cycle, report an average of $90. 46% of all graduated members report an improvement in the steadiness of their income.

4) YOU encouraged spiritual and relational growth.
100% of the members surveyed report that this program has had a positive impact on their life and 98% report an improvement in their relationship with God, self, and others.

5) YOU fostered sustainability.
92% of first cycle graduated groups continue on to a second cycle. 97% of second cycle groups continue on to a third cycle.

6) YOU generously gave over $1,000,000 (the largest amount ever raised) to make this work possible!

To read more about the impact being made, CLICK HERE.

We have SO MUCH to celebrate and it’s all because of YOU! 

Thank you for empowering South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans to build Christ-centered community and provide for their families with dignity. Your investment in this mission is igniting hope in the hard places! It is truly a blessing to serve with you.

With utmost gratitude,
Missy and the Seed Effect Team
If you’re in the Dallas area, we’d love to say thank you! Join us for a Seed Effect Happy Hour as we celebrate all that you made possible in 2019!

Dallas, TX
Times Ten Too

Wednesday, February 19

Q&A begins at 6:30pm

Seed Effect • PO Box 141223, Dallas, TX 75214 • 888.505.3292

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