“My savings group helped me manage school fees, grow my business, and improve my home.”

When Betty, a South Sudanese refugee, joined Seed Effect her family was eating only one meal a day, she had no electricity and no livestock. 

During her first Seed Effect savings cycle, she took one loan to pay school fees and two additional loans to grow her business. She received $78 upon graduation from her 1st savings cycle. (These funds include her savings and the interest generated.) And, she told the Seed Effect team that she planned to use those funds to increase her livestock.

Over the next year, she continued to save and take loans to grow her business. At the end of her second savings cycle, she received $200 at graduation and she reported an increase in the number of livestock she owns to 25 cattle and 5 chickens! (Seed Effect members, on average, report a 50 % increase in the number of livestock owned.)

Her children are in school, her family now has solar electricity, and she reports that they eat three meals a day.

Thank you for making it possible for members like Betty to provide for their families with dignity. 

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