“When you listen to the word of God, it gives you wisdom for many things.”

“I chose to save with Seed Effect after the field officer visited our church and talked about the benefit of joining a group. The field officer told us, ‘Even the ants here know how to save, but what about us who are human beings?’ You know, that word challenged me a lot, afterwards I went home and I started to think  that instead of wasting all the money I have, I should put it into savings.

Before joining Seed Effect, I didn’t know how to save or where to keep my money. But in our first year, our group saved a lot and I received around 475,000 shillings at the end of the cycle during the profit payout. With that I bought a goat and some chickens. This year the money I received during the profit payout was 678,200 shillings. That money is big! With it I have just built a building with two rooms!

The reason I continue to save with Seed Effect is because there is transparency and all things are done openly. There is also accountability with loans. You have to tell your group members how you plan to use the loan before you receive it. And, finally, the reason I have remained in my group is because we share the word of God. When you listen to the word of God, it gives you wisdom for many things.

I believe that by next year this group will push me to another level so I will continue to save with my group. Thank you so much.”

Fred not only continued to save with Seed Effect, but he also joined Seed Effect, in a part time capacity, to begin and lead new groups in his surrounding community. Today, Fred works for Seed Effect as a full time Field Officer at Seed Effect’s Moyo Branch, and hopes to bring similar life change that he has experienced to others. 

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