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COVID-19 Response

A message from our Executive Director + update from the field

Missy Williams, Joel Cox, James Lomude

We’ve had so many Seed Effect friends reach out to ask how our team is doing, how the virus and shelter-in-place restrictions are affecting our staff and members, and what’s needed. Thank you so much for your concern, prayers, encouragement, and support!

As this situation continues to rapidly evolve, we know it’s critical to get timely information to you. As such, we wanted to address all of your questions with the following video.

In the video above, you will hear:

  • (00:00) A quick update from Missy Williams, our Executive Director, including how you can help. (A $50K matching grant has been pledged for our COVID-19 Response Fund.)
  • (07:06) An update from James with the current situation on the field.
  • (17:48) The need for Seed Effect’s program right now in Uganda.
  • (21:31) How you can pray for Seed Effect staff and members.
  • (25:15) A word of encouragement and prayer from James.

While this crisis is hitting the U.S. hard, the most vulnerable are being hit even harder. This includes the South Sudanese refugees and northern Ugandans we serve. Hard places and difficult situations are not new for Seed Effect, and our program is designed for crises just like this. As we look forward to what’s ahead, we are anticipating and preparing for an overwhelming demand for Seed Effect’s program. As such, our staff is still hard at work.

  • We’re continuing to serve our members virtually with the support they need right now.
  • We’re working on a plan to expand to launch new groups virtually, if necessary, to give others immediate access to these tools they desperately need.
  • And we are working on a plan to help the members we have trained in soap-making sell their soap to the people and organizations that need it, both promoting health and livelihood!

When you give to Seed Effect’s COVID-19 Response Fund, your gift will empower our members to face this crisis, grow spiritually, and be better equipped to provide for their families. Thank you so much for supporting Seed Effect!

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