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June 2021

Uganda Lockdown #2

  1. All schools and institutions of higher learning to close for 42 days effective 8 am, 7th June 2021.
  2. All teachers to fully get vaccinated before they are accepted in schools.

  3. Communal prayers in Mosques, Churches or in Stadia and other open-air, venues are suspended for 42 days.

  4. Public and Cultural gatherings or Conferences, EXCEPT for the sitting of the Cabinet, Legislature and Judiciary, are hereby suspended for 42 days.

  5. Travel from Category 1 countries, as defined by the Ministry of Health, remain suspended except returning Ugandans. At the moment, only India is listed as category A.

  6. Agricultural activities which are: cultivating or ploughing gardens, herding livestock (whether free-range or zero-grazing) and fishing for fish farming to continue because fortunately, most of them do not encourage crowding.

  7. The non-agricultural activities that will be allowed to continue are factory activities, construction activities, shopping malls, super-markets to continue while observing SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health.

  8. These gathering points such as factories hotels, large plantations, markets, taxi parks, etc., should be allowed to operate under strict observance of SOPS.

  9. Marriage ceremonies, parties, and all other social gatherings are only allowed with a maximum of 20 people under strict observance of SOPs. House parties are strictly banned and this must be enforced without fail. All guests should wear masks and keep their physical distance.

  10. Number of persons at burials, vigils and funerals should NOT exceed 20 people. All should wear masks and socials distance.

  11. Weekly non-food markets (Mibuulo Markets) are suspended for 42 days throughout the country.

  12. Also suspended for 42 days are the monthly cattle auction Markets.

  13. All public transport (Buses, Taxis, Boda Bodas) between and across districts are suspended for 42 days effective 10th June 2021. This is to allow our children to go home.

  14. All inter-district travel banned except travel within Kampala Metropolitan (Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono).

  15. Exemption for Interdistrict travel and movement of vehicles are: Cargo trucks, registered tourist vehicles essential and Emergency Services vehicles.

  16. Public transport within the same district is allowed with strict observance of SOPs as previously described.

  17. Cargo trucks are allowed only 2 people.

  18. Bars, discos, music shows, cinemas and concerts remain closed.

  19. Sports events will operate under strict observance of SOPs with no spectators. All players must have a negative PCR test.

  20. Private vehicles should be restricted to not more than 3 people including the driver.

  21. Lodges should be allowed to operate but the bars in these places should not be operational.

  22. Construction sites are allowed to continue under strict observance of SoPs.

  23. Private cars are allowed to cross the border provided they observe SoPs and occupants have a negative PCR test result.

Health Update

Current number of cases in Uganda as of 07.06.2021

Current cases = confirmed cases – recovered cases

Seed Effect’s Response (2020)

We deployed our COVID-19 Emergency Response Projects in 2020 and modified our groups’ meeting structure so that exisiting groups could continue meeting and new groups could be formed, even despite the restrictions imposed by the government lockdown. 

While this crisis is hitting the U.S. hard, the most vulnerable are being hit even harder. This includes the South Sudanese refugees and northern Ugandans we serve. Hard places and difficult situations are not new for Seed Effect, and our program is designed for crises just like this.

  • We’re providing materials to help the members we have trained in soap-making to sell their soap to the people and organizations that need it, promoting both health and livelihood!
  • And to respond to the increasing concern of food security we are dispersing seeds to our groups, providing both a short-term crop and long-term crop.

95% of Seed Effect groups surveyed said that they were better prepared to face this crisis.

  • And we’re continuing to serve our members virtually with the support they need right now.
  • We’ve adjusted how group meetings operate so they adhere to social distancing practices and have recently been able to extend this practice to the formation of new groups!
  • We’re working on a plan to expand to launch new groups virtually, if necessary, to give others immediate access to these tools they desperately need.

When you give to Seed Effect’s COVID-19 Response Fund, your gift will empower our members to face this crisis, grow spiritually, and be better equipped to provide for their families. Thank you so much for supporting Seed Effect!

We’ve had so many Seed Effect friends reach out to ask how our team is doing, how the virus and shelter-in-place restrictions are affecting our staff and members, and what’s needed. Thank you so much for your concern, prayers, encouragement, and support!

To hear specific questions addressed directly from the field, please see the videos below!

Prayer is foundational to Seed Effect’s mission. To find an updated list of prayer requests please click here. Thank you for coming alongside us, for your belief in this mission, and for your dedication to bringing hope to the hard places. 

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