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Seed Effect’s Response

While this crisis is hitting the U.S. hard, the most vulnerable are being hit even harder. This includes the South Sudanese refugees and northern Ugandans we serve. Hard places and difficult situations are not new for Seed Effect, and our program is designed for crises just like this.

  • We’re providing materials to help the members we have trained in soap-making to sell their soap to the people and organizations that need it, promoting both health and livelihood!
  • And to respond to the increasing concern of food security we are dispersing seeds to our groups, providing both a short-term crop and long-term crop.

95% of Seed Effect groups surveyed said that they were better prepared to face this crisis.

  • And we’re continuing to serve our members virtually with the support they need right now.
  • We’ve adjusted how group meetings operate so they adhere to social distancing practices and have recently been able to extend this practice to the formation of new groups!
  • We’re working on a plan to expand to launch new groups virtually, if necessary, to give others immediate access to these tools they desperately need.

When you give to Seed Effect’s COVID-19 Response Fund, your gift will empower our members to face this crisis, grow spiritually, and be better equipped to provide for their families. Thank you so much for supporting Seed Effect!

Health Update

Current number of cases in Uganda as of 11.30.2020

Current cases = confirmed cases – recovered cases

Current country restrictions:

Lockdown measures have been lessened. Buses and transportation are now operating at 50% capacity. Markets are open. Schools are opened. However, the only students atteneding school regularly are those who are finalists in their class (final year students in primary, college, and univeristy). Students who are not in their final year are doing school through the radio, internet, and television, which poses many challenges as one might expect. Social gatherings have been expanded to encompass 200 or fewer people. Churches are open once more.  

Most of the original 35 restrictions have been eased in hopes of maintaining safety while bolstering the economy (detailed below).


  • Ban on social gathering sizes has reduced drastically (must remain under 200 people)
  • All businesses are open with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place, i.e. masks required, hand-washing stations required, social distancing practiced
  • Curfew has been removed
  • Movement has ensued once more
  • It’s mandatory to wear cloth masks in public.
  • Airport and borders have opened
  • Wholesale shops to open
  • Hardware shops to open
  • Garages to open
  • Metal and wood workshops to open
  • Insurance providers to function
  • Quotas of lawyers to be permitted to work
  • Restaurants to open but only for takeaways.
  • Warehouses to open.

We’ve had so many Seed Effect friends reach out to ask how our team is doing, how the virus and shelter-in-place restrictions are affecting our staff and members, and what’s needed. Thank you so much for your concern, prayers, encouragement, and support!

To hear specific questions addressed directly from the field, please see the videos below!

Prayer is foundational to Seed Effect’s mission. To find an updated list of prayer requests please click here. Thank you for coming alongside us, for your belief in this mission, and for your dedication to bringing hope to the hard places. 

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