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Stories of Hope during COVID-19 from Scovia Mansuk, Seed Effect Uganda Director of Operations

The story of Seed Effect is an amazing one; it is one of those stories that tells us about an everlasting God who is near to the broken. Seed Effect has served in hard places during tough and difficult times with people who have lost hope. We have served through political wars, tribal and ethnic conflicts, domestic violence, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has led to an economic crisis necessitating more services for both refugee communities and the host community.

As an organization carrying the heart of Christ, Seed Effect Uganda is standing with all of our savings group members during this time. We have just completed the distribution of more soap making materials and seeds, and we will have more stories of impact to share in the weeks to come. But in the past few weeks, here are a few of the things we have celebrated:

  • During this pandemic, Seed Effect Uganda has provided savings group members with the chemicals needed for making liquid soap which they’ve used for their personal needs and to sell commercially for livelihood. Our staff, who are also all trained on making liquid soap, have been making, packaging, and distributing hand-made soap to public entities like hospitals, jails, and offices for people to wash with.
  • Seed Effect Uganda has hired local tailors to make face masks that we are distributing to savings groups both the refugees communities and hosts. The face masks will benefit clients like Gloria (mentioned below) who operate inside the markets.
  • Seed Effect savings group members are using their savings to buy more supplies for retail business. Gloria is a member of GOD’S WILL Savings Group, and while many businesses have been affected and some forced to close, she is working hard to operate her business amidst the pandemic. Her savings group has also continued saving and providing support with social distancing measures. Gloria said “distributors are bringing supplies from Kampala at the cheapest prices, but now the buyers are few compared to when the pandemic wasn’t there”. With the lessons learned from the Chalmers Center trainings on Planning a Better Business that Seed Effect provided, Gloria also decided to open a new Mobile Money business where the people in the market access sending and receiving money online from her.

We are so grateful for our partners who have also continued to support Seed Effect’s work during this time, empowering members like Gloria when they need it most.

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