Our 1st groups begin 5th cycle!


It’s been almost four years since we launched our program in the refugee settlements in northern Uganda. Because of your faithful support, this week, we celebrated the very first Seed Effect groups to enter their fifth savings cycle! We want to introduce you to Jesilen, one of the women you have empowered.

                  God With Us, Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group in the refugee settlement in northern Uganda.

When rebels attacked Kajo Keji, South Sudan in 2016, Jesilen was forced to flee her home with her 6 children. To make matters even worse, she was a widow and had to carry the heavy burden alone.

Once in the refugee settlement in Uganda, she learned about Seed Effect and hope blossomed. Jesilen might not have had much, but she had the desire to work hard for her family and she was capable.

She joined “God With Us” Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group where she was elected to be the Spiritual Leader and Box Keeper. Jesilen was elevated to a position of leadership and was trusted with responsibility and oversight of the group’s saving box. (Learn more about “What’s in the Box”.)

Through each savings cycle, she continued to save, invest small loans, and grow spiritually and economically. She received the following amounts (savings + interest earned) upon graduation from each cycle:

  • 1st cycle/ 2017 = $73 (270,000 UGX)
  • 2nd cycle/ 2018 = $84 (309,100 UGX)
  • 3rd cycle/ 2019 = $161 (591,300 UGX)
  • 4th cycle/ 2020 = $79 (291,200 UGX) in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown

Four years later, she has a thriving bread making business even in the midst of the economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 lockdown.


Jesilen shared the following us about the impact her savings group has had on her life.

“After joining my Seed Effect group, I was encouraged in my faith. Even though I am a widow, I became like a woman who has a husband to help her because my Seed Effect group became like my husband. This is where I get help in time of need. Through this program, my home has improved and I have grown financially and spiritually. If I had not joined God With Us Seed Effect Group, I do not know where my family would be.”

Because of your support, Seed Effect members like Jesilen have access to the tools and training they need to know Jesus and provide for their families with dignity. Thank you so much for bringing hope and opportunity to the refugee settlements in northern Uganda!

Seed Effect Savings Cycles

+ Graduation Day


On average, a savings cycle lasts between 9 to 12 months and consists of weekly group meetings where members gather to study God’s word, build Christ-centered community, pool their savings, and provide interest-bearing loans to each other. At the end of the cycle, their savings and the interest earned is distributed amongst group members based upon the amount contributed.

The end of a savings cycle is known as graduation day!

Watch the video below to see what a graduation day looks like.

Join Seed Effect Executive Director, Missy Williams, Country Director, James Lomude, and Regional Coordinator, Daniel Opio, at a Seed Effect group graduation in 2019 .

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