2020 Annual Report

God provided abundantly through you and together we exceeded every goal set for 2020, even amidst a global pandemic!

It is a tremendous blessing to serve with you, and we are looking forward to all that God has in store as we continue to bring economic empowerment and the hope of Jesus Christ to the hard places.

Read the report below.

Letter from Executive Director and Co-Founder, Missy Williams:


Dear friend, 

Back in 2007, just before returning home after my first visit to South Sudan, I found myself in a mud hut surrounded by a small group of mothers determined to find a way to provide for their children. They shared with me a simple idea. With access to a sewing machine, they could start a business, generate an income, put food on the table, and pay for their children to go to school. 

14 years later, as the world navigates a pandemic and global refugee crisis, it's the same determination of the women I first met in South Sudan that continues to drive our work today. Seed Effect remains committed to bringing Christ-centered economic empowerment to hard places and under-served communities. 

During a challenging year at home, you continued to empower families in the communities we serve. Through God’s faithfulness and your consistent support, what started with one sewing machine is now hope and opportunity for over 38,000 families in northern Uganda. 

Looking Back: 2020 A Year of Growth Despite the significant challenges COVID-19 has brought worldwide, 2020 proved to be a year of growth for Seed Effect. 

As refugee rations were cut by 30%, travel was banned, and businesses were closed, we were able to meet the urgent needs of members through our donor funded Emergency Soap-Making and Seeds Project (pg. 13). 

With your support, we implemented an entrepreneurship and livelihood training in partnership with the Chalmers Center (pg. 14) to help our 2nd cycle members adapt and grow their businesses as they faced increased hardship. 

As we reflect on 2020, we’re celebrating: 

  • 11,288 new members and the goals you helped us exceed. (pg. 9)
  • Refugees and Ugandans, like Maia, who were empowered to provide for their families. (pg. 15) 
  • How God prepared our team for what we’d face this year. (pg. 12) 
  • The encouraging results of our control group study. (pg. 28) 
  • Your radical generosity. (pg. 35) 

Again we see God’s faithfulness. 

Looking Ahead: 2021 and beyond 

Access to Christ-centered economic empowerment is now more important for refugees than ever before. As economic conditions worsen, the demand for Seed Effect’s program continues to dramatically increase. The UNHCR considers refugees “especially vulnerable” due to a lack of access to economic tools and “limited access to water, sanitation systems, and health facilities”. 

So, as we celebrate the 38,000 families you've helped us serve, we quickly recognize our work has only just begun with over 1 million refugees in northern Uganda, and millions of others displaced in neighboring countries around the world. 

With an ever-increasing demand for Seed Effect's program, the experience of our local team (pg. 16), an ambitious plan for growth (pg. 32), and a community of generous donors, like you, Seed Effect is positioned to act as a catalyst in 2021. 

It’s an honor and blessing to serve with you. Thank you for continuing to bring hope and opportunity to the hard places. 



Missy Williams, Executive Director & Co-Founder 


Seed Effect is committed to financial accountability and transparency.

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