Click above to watch a video update with Seed Effect Uganda Country Director, Fiona Madraa, and Seed Effect USA’s Executive Director + Co-Founder, Missy Williams. 

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To me, Seed Effect is not an organization, it is a family. And when we are family, we are together.

– Fiona Madraa, Seed Effect Uganda Country Director 

To learn a little more about Fiona, head on over to her bio here!

Fiona has worked with Seed Effect for the past few years, serving on our Senior Management Team. She stepped into the role of County Director earlier this year and has done a fantastic job leading our team of over 50 full-time staff through a difficult and challenging season.

While Uganda is currently in the middle of its second lockdown, we wanted you to be able to hear directly from the field about the present situation, how it has impacted our staff and members, and the ways Seed Effect is adapting to respond.

“What we are doing is actually empowering communities to even continue surviving in this period. Our field officers have been permitted to go to the settlement and because of the great work Seed Effect is doing, we are already known in the community. We have members who self-mobilize themselves and then they inform our field officers and the village volunteers when they are ready.” – Fiona

In the interview, Missy & Fiona discuss:

  • Current restrictions (limited movement, time of operation curfew, how other NGOs are limited from reaching the refugees, food rations, etc.).
  • How Seed Effect’s COVID-19 response from 2020 prepared us for this present time and set us up in such a way that we have been able to continue to serve our existing members and even start new groups. Between June and July, more than 50 new groups were formed!
  • Ways you can be praying for our staff on the field in Uganda as they serve as the hands and feet!

“You know in this dark world currently, your support, financial support, is really putting smiles on the faces of so many people in this vulnerable community we are serving. There are very many groups that are really testifying and sharing how Seed Effect Uganda has really helped them, and because of them they are able to survive in this period. So we are thankful and really appreciate the support.” – Fiona

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