“Pastor Martin encouraged me not to suffer alone with the children. He welcomed us. Through the church, I joined the Seed Effect savings group called Hope and was completely comforted.”

This week we’re wrapping up our Virtual Trip to Uganda and we hope that you have enjoyed your journey!

Every time Seed Effect leads a group overseas, we most look forward to worshipping together in church.

Sometimes it’s outside under a tree, other times it’s in a cool building with tall ceilings. Either way, the music is loud and joyful and the language barrier is irrelevant as brothers and sisters united in Christ come together and praise God.

Eddy Badrina, board member and long time Greenhouse donor shares,

“My favorite memory is walking through the market, getting to meet with and encourage some of Seed Effect’s loan recipients, and seeing those women and their businesses thrive despite all the hardships.”

Seed Effect is able to create a built-in support system for our members by partnering with like-minded organizations like Empower One and by starting Seed Effect Savings & Loan groups at local churches.

Mary shares, 

“Pastor Martin encouraged me not to suffer alone with the children. He welcomed us. Through the church, I joined the Seed Effect savings group called Hope and was completely comforted. When we come together, we share, have fun, and forget our sorrows. The collection of the small savings is also so helpful. My group strengthens me.”

Our program also serves as an outreach tool. We start groups in the areas surrounding churches to reach people that might not visit a church. Our end goal for refugees is restoration, so we share the gospel and disciple them by plugging them into a local church.

Learn more in the short video with our Director of Operations, Joel Cox as he talks briefly about “Partnering with the local Church!”

We believe broken relationships are the root of poverty and so, introducing people to Jesus is essential for true transformation and restoration.
Rusty Reams who visited Uganda with our team in 2019 shared,

“It was amazing to see God’s redemptive work through his people in Uganda. So many stories started off with tragedy or difficulty, but so many also revealed God’s redemptive plan and people drawing near to him.”

It is our hope for each and every one of you to personally know the impact you are making in the lives of our members. 

To be able to see the joy and hope in their eyes and to hear the celebration in their voice on Graduation Day – so we hope that this Virtual Trip was able to give you a small glimpse!
As Rusty said,

“I could spend all day talking about the merits of Seed Effect’s savings groups, the amazing work that the local staff is doing, however there is no comparison to seeing these things for yourself.  


Knowing them by name and seeing their faces is completely different and only serves to deepen your commitment to the ministry and seeing it grow.


Thank you for what you do with Seed Effect. Thank you for allowing us to be a very small part of this ministry by going on this trip. Thank you for opening our eyes to see the clear and tangible work of the Lord in Uganda!”

As we read these words once more and reflect on our previous team trips to Uganda, we are overcome with gratitude. And while this virtual trip isn’t quite the same, it is our prayer that you feel closer to our brothers and sisters and the work you are helping make possible thousands of miles away. Gratitude is the thread strewn throughout. Thank you for coming along on the journey and for bringing opportunity, economic empowerment, and the hope of Jesus to hard places.



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