Last year, the Ugandan government issued restrictions in an effort to help slow the spread of the pandemic.

And with your support, we responded with sustainable solutions; seeds were planted and now, the harvest is abundant. Read more below ->

At Seed Effect, we believe and have seen that refugees and people living in material poverty are capable.

With access to the right tools, they can provide for their families with dignity.

Last year, the Ugandan government issued restrictions in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These ongoing restrictions resulted in widespread increased economic hardship and food insecurity. 

With your support, our team has been expanding our Chalmers Center Plan for a Better Business and Livelihood training, focusing this year on agriculture. The training and seeds you helped supply have both addressed food insecurity and brought opportunity for much needed income generation. 

Severio, the chairperson for Ngun Lo Tindu Seed Effect Savings Group in Bidibidi refugee settlement shared,

“We really appreciate Seed Effect supporting us with seeds. Our farmers are now busy and, at the same time, they earn more from the crops they have grown. Especially this one member, the Treasurer in our group. He bought land at 50,000 UGX and he was given sorghum seeds with the training.

Out of 1 acre, they will harvest 10 bags of sorghum from here! They will earn money and at the same time get food. For us as refugees, the rations that are given to us by the UNHCR are not enough. If we do not focus on agriculture, we will be suffering a lot.”

Our team has seen this same impact in every settlement we serve in. Scovia, our Seed Effect Uganda Head of Operations said,

“Many refugees in all locations have acquired hectares of land for agriculture activities.

They have shared that agriculture is a powerful support to them as it solves the problem of income and food insecurity. Ever since introducing these livelihood trainings on first soap-making skills and now agriculture, Seed Effect savings groups testify that they have also improved their capacity to save.”

Alia Lilly, a member of Yesu Nyanyar Yi (Jesus Loves Us) Seed Effect group, was given just 21 KGs of g-nuts (peanuts) to plant in .5 hectares of land.

Alia has since harvested 3 sacks of g-nuts.

That’s approximately 140 KGs of peanuts! 

With the business skills she learned through the Chalmers Center Plan for a Better Business training, Alia plans to sell the g-nuts to increase her savings and will preserve some seeds to plant next season.

Thank you so much for investing in Seed Effect and empowering our members to know Jesus, face crises, and provide for their families with dignity!

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