2022 Annual Report

God provided abundantly through you and together we exceeded every goal set for 2022!

It is a tremendous blessing to serve with you, and we are looking forward to all that God has in store as we continue to bring economic empowerment and the hope of Jesus Christ to the hard places.

Letter from Executive Director & Co-Founder, Missy Williams:

Dear friends,

I first traveled to East Africa over fifteen years ago and have returned countless times since. Every time I visit, God reveals something new and my most recent trip was no exception. What made this trip unique was who I shared it with — my eleven-year-old daughter, Sophia. She was eager to see the place, people, and work I love. I was blessed to see it all anew through her eyes. It was an immeasurable gift.

One reality of working in areas affected by conflict is the heartache in every story. I’ve yet to meet a refugee whose story didn’t include fleeing war, tremendous loss, a sense of utter hopelessness, and a desperate search for opportunity.

In hearing their stories, Sophia saw a glimpse of a reality that no eleven-year-old should ever have to know, let alone experience. And yet, over half of the growing global refugee population are children, some of whom we met during our time in Uganda.

Seed Effect is meeting these families at the intersection of hopelessness and the search for opportunity. We are reminded daily that present sufferings are not a permanent reality because God has intervened, and we get to see the rest of their stories unfold.

During our visit, we met with Seed Effect groups who had just completed their first year in our program. One year of weekly Bible studies, Christ-centered community, saving, lending, sharing, and rebuilding had begun to change their stories.

In Unity Group alone: Elizabeth came to know Jesus. Medelina now has friends. Gaba and Santa started businesses. Lino and Ledia purchased goats. Cecilia and Suzan paid school fees. They were seeing their hopes and dreams become reality. (pg. 12)

While I knew what they had gone through to bring them to this point, what Sophia saw was joy. What we heard was gratitude. What we celebrated was restoration.

Looking Back: 2022 Expansion

These members and their stories represent the more than 67,000 families empowered through your support.

As we reflect on 2022, we’re celebrating:

Continued growth: 16,531 new members and the goals you helped us exceed. (pg. 8)

Restoration: Seed Effect members, like Elizabeth and Suzan are celebrating restored relationships and God’s provision. (pg. 12)

Radical generosity: We praise God for funding to empower more members. (pg. 36)

Expansion: We launched two new branches in 2022 and will launch in the last of the northern Uganda refugee settlements January 2023. (pg. 14)

Looking Ahead: 2023 and Beyond

The demand for Seed Effect’s program continues to grow. So, as we celebrate the 67,000 families you’ve empowered, we recognize our work has only just begun with over 1 million refugees in Uganda, and millions of others struggling to rebuild in neighboring countries.

In 2023, we launched our third and final expansion branch in northern Uganda, placing Seed Effect in the seven largest refugee settlements in the region.

With the ever-increasing demand for Seed Effect’s program, the experience of our local team (pg. 22), an ambitious plan for growth (pg. 32), and a community of generous donors, like you, Seed Effect is positioned to act as a catalyst for restoration in 2023 and beyond.

It’s an honor and blessing to serve with you. Thank you for continuing to bring hope and opportunity to the hard places.


Missy Williams

Seed Effect is committed to financial accountability and transparency.

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May 10, 2024

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