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The Story Has Changed…

The twelve tribes represented in “God is Good” Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group meet at Ebenezer Baptist church, planted by Seed Effect partner, Empower One. 

When they first arrived in Baratuku refugee settlement, poverty was rampant within the community. But as the Seed Effect group began to meet, changes within their group began to extend to others in the community.

Members of “God is Good” Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group celebrate the transformative work God is doing amongst their community in Baratuku Refugee Settlement. There are twelve tribes represented in this group.

Group member William Loliha said,

“Now, because of our group, the story has changed. Economically, the group members are in a different situation from the people in the community as we have a way to earn money. We now have our basic family needs met.

Now, our group is helping the community…

When a neighbor needs something, they receive help. When there is a funeral, we contribute towards it and send a representative from the group to support the community.”

Tribal conflict permeated South Sudan leading to this most recent refugee crisis. This means that reconciliation is critical to paving the path forward to peace in South Sudan. 

Our group has set an example of true transformation. We are from different tribes, but the community can see we are working together. The word of God is shared, people are transformed, and are more accepting of one another. We see less quarrels amongst people—this impact we have seen not just in our group, but within the whole community. 

Before Seed Effect came here, we were empty. 

Without this group, we could do nothing. But, because we got the training from Seed Effect, we are now improving. Because of our group, we can buy chickens, goats and ducks, build and repair houses. Some members even used their share out to buy a motorcycle or bicycle for transportation. 

I praise God who brought us Seed Effect. I appreciate God because without His goodness, we could not get what we have in our hands now. I see the goodness of Seed Effect.” 

– William Loliha, South Sudanese Refugee & Seed Effect Member

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