“I am thanking God for bringing Seed Effect to our area.”

Gaba and her family fled South Sudan because many of their loved ones were dying in the war-torn country.

Read her story below.


“I want to first give thanks to God for bringing Seed Effect to this area. My name is Cukaig Gaba and I fellowship with Bible Hope [Savings and Loan Group]. This is our church. I want to thank Seed Effect so much. I am thanking God for bringing Seed Effect to our area.

We left South Sudan because of the war and lost a lot of people. It has caused a lot of thinking in our minds. Now after we came here and joined Seed Effect, these thoughts about our lost ones are now going away because of the encouragement and the Bible study.

We no longer think about these difficult things a lot. The word of God is comforting us.

Because Seed Effect is bringing us together as a group, even though we lost most of our beloved ones in South Sudan, we have been unified with our fellow friends and we feel like we have filled the gap that was created when we left South Sudan.

Now we feel like our brothers and sisters are still alive because of being in this Seed Effect group.

I also want to appreciate Seed Effect because they came both with the word of God and the saving [and loan] methodology. We used to struggle a lot when we did not have money. We did not know where to go to borrow, but now because of Seed Effect we can borrow money from the group to buy food and solve some of our issues. Like when our kids are sick, we can now afford medication.

I am praying so hard that God should bless Seed Effect and provide more for Seed Effect so that they can keep on guiding us in the future.

I am saying this because Seed Effect has brought a lot of changes in our lives. We used to do a lot of drinking of alcohol, but since we came to Seed Effect our lives were transformed. So, what I can say is that Seed Effect has supported us, and we have grown.

We thank God that you came and have seen the groups. We so appreciate Seed Effect Uganda and we are very happy with the staff. They visit us often and encourage us. When there are conflicts, they have taught us conflict resolution. And before we take a loan, we are guided on how we can use the money, and we are very happy with that.”

We believe restored relationships bring transformation. 

You are shifting the response to the refugee crisis by introducing people, like Gaba and her family, to Jesus and the support of Christ-centered community where they have access to the right tools to provide for their family with dignity.

While current solutions to refugee crises do not often lend themselves to restoration, Seed Effect is changing this with our proven and expanded 3-year approach.

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Sends a mom like Gaba
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