“Before I was in the group my family was in darkness. But now the light of God shines on us.

“I am Susan Amude, from Morobi, South Sudan. I have been in the Seed Effect group for 3 months. Before I was in the group, our family was in darkness. There were a lot of quarrels. But after joining Seed Effect, the light of God has shined upon my family. Things have changed. I am seeing the love of God upon my family. When we are together, we now stay in peace as a family which was not the case before.

Since joining Seed Effect and the encouragement we received to share the word and pray for one another, we have started praying together as a family. We used to not pray but now it has become the culture in our family. Every night we pray and when we miss, we feel it.

Before I joined Seed Effect, I did not have any business here, but after joining, I was able to start one. When I was back in South Sudan, I had tailoring training. I have the skill of sewing clothes but when I came here, I lacked the money to buy a sewing machine.

After joining Seed Effect, I was able to take a loan from the group and buy a sewing machine. I am using it to make clothes and can get more money for saving and for the family. I have also been able to invest in my farm and every week I save 10,000 UGX.

By the end of this year, I will be able to take my children to a better school in Arua, not just the one here in the refugee settlement. This is because of my group and the investments I’m making in my business and farm.

There are a lot of changes that I have realized in the community since I joined Seed Effect. People in the community see that I am living a different life. I no longer feed on beans only, but can feed my family fish and chicken. Because of Seed Effect, I have seen changes and others wish they also had the opportunity to join Seed Effect.

My relationship with others has improved greatly because of what we have learned about the 4 key relationships. Seed Effect has trained us on the relationships between man and God, man and others, man and self, and man and creation. I have learned that I cannot be alone in this world. I need other people. I have learned how to better relate to my friends in the group and even my neighbors at home.

I am very happy because I used to be alone without any happiness and with many quarrels with my husband. But now because of this group, I am comforted by the members, and I forget all of the problems at home.

I am growing both physically and spiritually. I am praying that Seed Effect expands to other areas so that other people will realize the same impact I have seen in my life.

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