“The word of God is being shared, people are being transformed, and now they are more accepting of one another.”

“In the community, here in Baratuku Refugee Settlement, there had been an issue of drunkenness. They had resorted to drinking because they had nothing. The poverty was too much.

But now, because of our group, it has changed their story.

It started at the end of the first savings cycle, when people got their first share out, everyone’s mindset changed. Because now, you can hold money that belongs to you, you can plan with that money, you have something to do.

People are now making use of the small money they have saved to start small businesses. They use the money to buy something and bring it here to the market to sell it. They now have access to money. Really, the level of poverty is no longer like before. 

We can now think, ‘I have my savings, what am I going to do with it?’ That is the best part of life, when you can plan. Because at the end, you will come up with a good plan.

We are from different tribes. Before we joined this Seed Effect group, everyone was minding their own business.

Then we came together, and we have become an example. The community can now see how we, from different tribes, are working together and doing things together.

The group is attracting the community. Economically, the group members are in a different situation financially, they have a way to earn money, and people in the community are seeing that this is a good thing.

The word of God is being shared, people are being transformed, and now they are more accepting of one another. The rate of conflict has been reduced and we see less quarrels amongst people. This is the impact we have seen, not just in our group, but on the community in Baratuku refugee settlement.

The group members have set an example of true transformation and change as they have what others in the community don’t have. They now have their basic family needs met, and, they are helping others. If a neighbor needs something, and that neighbor goes to a member of this group, that person gets helped.

And, in the community there are often sorrowful times. Whenever there is a funeral, even if it is not amongst the members of this group here, we contribute towards the funeral from our emergency fund and send a representative from the group to support the community.

The people in the community really respect and admire our group, and now they too want to be in a group like this. We have seen the influence of having access to financial empowerment and the word of God.


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