This Christmas, give a box that changes lives.

God has used your partnership to empower over 62,000 members like Madilana

As we reflect on this year, we celebrate all the ways God has provided. 

Our locally led staff has worked tirelessly to empower over 11,000 new members while continuing to serve existing members in our three-cycle program. They’ve also piloted new partnerships and launched two new branches, with the third scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2023! Because of your support, together, we have now empowered over 62,000 Seed Effect members since 2017! 

Seed Effect members, like Madilana, have gained access to the tools they need to provide for their families with dignity and be strengthened by the hope of Jesus Christ.

When I arrived in Uganda, I was given land among people from different tribes. I felt isolated and lonely… When I joined Seed Effect, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. 

Today, we have grown in our relationships and share among ourselves. As I save, I now have access to loans to help pay for school fees, hospital bills, and food. Altogether, I am taking care of 11 children, and I am able to manage this with the support of my Seed Effect group. 

I can see that my life has been transformed.”

-Madilana, Seed Effect Member & South Sudanese Refugee

While there were, thankfully, no lockdowns to navigate this year, hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese refugees and northern Ugandans are facing new challenges including food shortages, high inflation, and significant increases in the cost of goods without access to financial tools or the support they need. We’re ready and positioned to help. 

“I can see that my life has been transformed.”

-Madilana, Seed Effect Member & South Sudanese Refugee

Our members, like Madilana, embody the message of hope, peace and reconciliation of the gospel in their communities.

Our year-end goal is to raise $225,000 to empower 2,500 new families! Donate today at or by returning the enclosed envelope by December 31st, all gifts will be matched up to $30,000! 

The materials you provide, combined with the guidance of our locally-led team, promote opportunity and empowerment. Every $90 empowers one new member and every $2,250 empowers a new group of 25 people.

It is the continued support of partners like you that God is using to make this work possible, and we are so grateful! 

Thank you so much for bringing hope to the hardest of places! 

This Christmas, give a box that changes lives.

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