I can see that my life has been transformed.”

“I can definitely see my life has been transformed. When I was not in the savings group, I used to try to ask for help from people. I would go to someone and ask for help & then the person would say, “there’s nothing.” That is a disappointment. You expect someone to help you, but you don’t get the help. Life had been really difficult.

But now, in the Seed Effect group, things became easier. As I save, I have access to loans.

Now instead of going to people to beg when I have problems, I come to the group and take a loan. This loan helps me to pay school fees, hospital bills, medication and buy food.

I have 6 biological kids and 5 additional dependents. Altogether I am taking care of 11 children. I am able to manage this with the help of the group.

– Madilana, God is Good Savings and Loan Group, Baratuka

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