Ellen Slaton, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Ellen Slaton serves as the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Seed Effect.  After she and her husband, Andrew, took their first trip to South Sudan in January 2013 for photography purposes she fell in love with the heart and mission of Seed Effect, and actually ended up joining the team as a Mobilization Coordinator. Ellen stepped down for a season as she and Andrew decided to make their permanent “residence” the road as they traveled full time while pursuing photography.  They are still living on the road, but thankfully, she rejoined the Seed Effect team in the spring of 2021!

While living on the road the past six years, Ellen has become Andrew’s right-hand woman in capturing stunning images. She is especially gifted when it comes to that of family and individual portraits, which is no surprise due to the element of story-telling woven in to accurately capturing someone’s soul. Ellen tries to bring the world of Uganda and South Sudan closer to home by using this gift of storytelling through both visual and written mediums by way of social media, blogposts, emails, and so much more.  

Ellen has an Art History degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. In her free time, you can find Ellen exploring a new spot with Andrew, practicing yoga, hiking, manuevering her way through Florida coastland in a kayak, listening to jazz while cooking or playing with her eleven nieces and nephews.

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