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Food Security during COVID-19

There are no commercial farms in the northern part of Uganda. They are all in Central Uganda or near Kampala. Additionally, many staples, such as rice, are not even grown in Uganda at all (e.g. most rice imported to Uganda is grown in Pakistan). The only way for these staples to get to the north is by importing them.


Our team fears that in the coming months, if the restrictions remain in place, there will be less food and supplies because it’s logistically more difficult (increased checkpoints and delays combined with less importers operating due to health concerns) and likely more expensive. Although the government has placed a cap on food prices, they have increased for both host community and refugees as there has been bulk buying, which has increased the perceived demand.


Furthermore, the only shops that are currently open during this time are those selling food items or other items deemed as essential. This compromises the livelihood of many families that do not presently have a market place to sell “non-essential” items.   As a result, many are unable to generate income from their normal businesses and thus have less money to purchase food.

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