Our 3-Year Model

Since Seed Effect’s inception in 2009, we’ve been committed to empowerment. And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that empowerment takes time… especially in the hard places.

While current solutions to refugee crises do not often lend themselves to restoration, Seed Effect is changing this with our proven and expanded 3-year approach.

When we launched our Christ-centered savings program in the refugee settlements and neighboring villages in northern Uganda in 2017, the goal was for groups to be independent (no longer in need of training or support from Seed Effect) after their first savings cycle.

Fast forward to 2019, only 25% of our groups were independent after that first savings cycle, which is consistent with what we heard from other organizations working in other parts of the world. Knowing that we could go much deeper with our members to further promote resiliency, sustainability, and flourishing, we made several strategic adjustments and shifted to a more effective 3-year approach.

Our 3-year approach is designed to introduce members to Jesus and encourage spiritual growth while equipping them with the financial tools needed to provide for their families with dignity and independently manage their groups after graduation.

Year 1: Plant – Save & Loan
In the first year, we plant new groups, focusing on training and equipping members to run and manage their weekly savings group meetings. During this cycle, groups meet 25-30 times with their Seed Effect trainer. Providing this training and support in the first year costs $1,350 on average per group.

Year 2: Grow – Entrepreneurship
In the second year, we provide entrepreneurship and livelihood training through a Chalmers Center Plan for a Better Business curriculum, promoting resilience and empowering our members to grow. During their second year of saving, their Seed Effect trainer only visits the group 10-12 times. Providing this training and support in the second year costs $650 on average per group.

Year 3: Flourish – Independence
In the third year, we work to facilitate any beneficial connections with community and church leaders and formal financial institutions when possible while also ensuring members are fully equipped to continue meeting independently upon graduation, encouraging our members to flourish. During their third year of saving, their Seed Effect trainer visits the group 4 times. Providing this training and support in the third cycle costs only $250 on average per group.

Through this sustainable 3-year approach, South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans alike are being empowered to know Jesus, provide for their families with dignity, and are equipped to continue saving independently after graduation.

What You Need To Know

  • 90% of members graduate from Seed Effect’s 3-year program
  • Of that number, 99% continue to save independent of Seed Effect’s formal program.
  • We’re promoting resiliency through our expanded scope of training that now includes entrepreneurship, livelihood, and business management.
  • We’re encouraging spiritual growth by deploying additional bible study methodologies.

The average cost to empower one person is now $90.

  • $90 empowers one member
  • $2,250 to empower an entire group (of 25 people)!

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Jun 3, 2024

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