Christ-centered, savings-led microfinance

Through Seed Effect’s Christ-centered, savings-led microfinance program, self-selected groups of 15 to 25 individuals meet weekly to pool their savings. As their savings grow, they can provide loans within their group. And all along the way, our indigenous team meets with the groups to provide training and share the Gospel with every member.

Why is a savings-led microfinance program so important?

  • It’s needed. Members can use savings to plan for the future or provide security for times when they don’t have income.
  • It’s empowering. Dignity is restored as members learn that they have the resources and skills to provide for their families and improve their future.
  • It’s holistic. When our groups gather, not only are they learning about savings and planning, they’re also studying God’s word.
  • It’s far-reaching. Savings groups expand our reach allowing us to make a deep impact throughout the entire community.
  • It’s adaptable. Through savings groups we can better adapt for the challenges of political and economic instability.

Why microfinance?

Microfinance empowers the poor to use their own skills and resources to provide nutritious food, clean water, quality education, and vital healthcare for themselves and their families with dignity. It’s a hand-up, not a handout.  


Seed Effect employs microfinance strategies tailored for the communities we serve.  In 2009, we launched a credit-led microfinance model to empower entrepreneurs in South Sudan through small business loans. And in 2016, we expanded to include a savings-led approach to reach deeper into the community, beyond business owners. But as civil war spread across South Sudan in 2016 and the South Sudanese fled as refugees, we adapted.  Now we are serving in Uganda to empower South Sudanese refugees and local Ugandans through our savings-led microfinance strategy.  


Through our work, we’ve learned that the only constant in hard places like South Sudan is change.  So, when necessary, we will continue to adapt our microfinance program to empower the poor to know Jesus and fight poverty no matter the circumstances.

We work in the hard places. So, when necessary we adapt.

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