Cecilia Ide

“I pray for my business. That God would take it and help it to grow.”

Several years ago, Cecilia Ide was a teenager barely scraping by from the meager amount of money she made fetching water for people in Kajo Keji, South Sudan. Now, at the age of 24, she is a seamstress with enough income to buy a house, a car, and feed her four children (ages 1, 6, 8, and 10).

“When I got married, I was very young and it was hard. I came here and fetched water for people and that is how I paid for tailoring school. When I finished, God helped me to start my business with a Seed Effect business loan.

I pray for my business. That God would take it and help it to grow. Right now I am praying for another sewing maching. I am teaching others to sew.”

In 2010, Cecilia enrolled in Seed Effect’s tailoring school (which has since been spun off to another ministry), where she learned how to make her own patterns and use a sewing machine. She received her first microloan from Seed Effect in 2011, which empowered her to purchase enough materials to start her tailoring business. Since then, she’s received six additional microloans. Her biggest client: schoolchildren in need of uniforms! She also makes custom clothes and cloth diapers. What’s more, she wants to help her neighbors and is using her gifts to teach other women in the community how to sew and currently employs three of her students in her own business.

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