Jesyka Juan

“When you accept God’s love, that’s when you start to grow.”

Jesyka was in Keji, South Sudan, when she first learned about Seed Effect. With her first loan, she invested in soap, which she used to open a second business washing and styling hair, and cooking oil, which she used to bake additional loaves of bread. The result? She was suddenly able to support herself and her two children. More than that, Jeska found a community through Seed Effect.

“In the beginning, I felt like I was in a jail,” she says. “I didn’t have friends or my own relatives around. When I joined Seed Effect, I felt like I had finally found a family and could share my issues with others.”

As the second wife of a husband with ten wives, Jeska struggled with feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Through Seed Effect, however, she found comfort in the love of God and her new friendships. Now, she often counsels other women struggling in their own marriages.

“I always encourage people to give their lives to Jesus,” she says.

“When you accept God’s love, that’s when you start to grow.”

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