Joyce Diko

“I am happy Seed Effect came because I see love in them.”

Joyce was only 17 years old when she began selling homemade doughnuts at the market in Kajo Keji, South Sudan. Her mother was ill, and though her father worked hard, he could not make enough money to support his ailing wife, his daughter, and Joyce’s four brothers. When he passed away suddenly, the full burden of supporting the family came to rest on her. Joyce moved to Yei, got married, and kept selling doughnuts to support a growing family of her own. But marriage made things more difficult. Joyce’s husband often came home drunk. He frequently beat her. Once, he even tried to shoot her with a bow and arrow. When Joyce finally made the decision to leave him, she had five children between the ages of nine and 20. Joyce joined Seed Effect in 2016 and with her first microloan, she was able to buy a bag of onions to sell. With the profit she made, she bought two more bags, and soon, she was selling onions along with her doughnuts.

“The loan is helping my business to grow so that I can send my children to school and still have some savings.”

Though this goal is still a ways off, Joyce remains hopeful. “I am happy Seed Effect came because I see love in them.”

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