Keji Cizerina

“I am surrounded by my Seed Effect family.”

Faced with an impossible decision, Keji dropped her baby out of the bus window before climbing out. She knew that she had to at least try to save them both. The rebels had closed in on the bus and bullets where whizzing by in all directions. She could hear the screams of those trapped inside as she rolled into a ditch and covered herself with branches. Even with a bullet in her side and two broken legs, she remained as still and quiet as possible.

Keji was the only survivor from this rebel attack.

As she lay in the hospital, slowly recovering from her injuries, she was ridden with survivor’s guilt and despair. “Why me? Why did you spare me and no one else?” And she wondered how she would provide for her children. But God, in His love and mercy, revealed Himself to her in a dream and He stirred her heart into action. He had a plan, a purpose, and He wanted to use her. From that point on, she knew that she was here to love Him and love others.  

In a country where 100% of the population has been affected by war and conflict and where less than 1% has access to a bank account or economic empowerment, those with disabilities are often overlooked. When there are so many needs, some needs just seem too great.

But, Keji was no longer overlooked. When she joined Seed Effect, and received her first loan alongside education and training, she not only gained hope and an opportunity to provide for her family, but she gained community. She was surrounded by her Seed Effect family and was given encouragement in the Lord through these sisters in Christ. And in turn, she and her story of grace, salvation, redemption, love, and triumph is an encouragement to them.

That weathered bullet represents so much more than conflict, violence, war, and disability. For Keji, it represents new life.

“I am thankful for the rebels, because through them, God showed me His strength and power.”

As she has continued to invest her Seed Effect loans and grow her business, she continues to be a light and an encouragement to her community. And all eight of her children are healthy and in school and she is planning to build a new house for her family.

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