Lily Isaac

Even in the midst of hardship, joy and peace that radiate from her.

Nestled deep in the crowded lanes, amidst the fresh red tomatoes and bright green okra and vegetables, sit the women of Nimule market. Their bare-bottomed babies nurse and play as they sell their goods.

Lily Isaac sits in a shaded spot, surrounded by other women, but with her warm smile and colorful headdress, she is striking and stands out. Lily is just 33 years old and is the mother of four children and also cares for four additional dependents. She, with her husband, works hard to pay for school bills (which can be overwhelming), medical care, clothing and food. To add to the load, her family often faces health challenges such as malaria.

With few other options, Lily had decided to start a business in the market to take care of her family. She sold sesames and greens, and through this hard work, their lives began improving. After a few months, a friend introduced her to Seed Effect. After investing her first loan, she added more inventory, increased her sales, and was then able to use the profits to buy six chickens and one goat, which in turn, was able to significantly help support her family. Then she reinvested in her business and after her second loan she was able to put each of her children in school and finally put a roof on her family’s home. But most importantly, through the relationships built at Seed Effect and the teaching of the Word, she came to know her Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only that, but so did her husband, who’s life has been transformed as well. He has started working and she says that now they are “happily married”.

Even in the midst of hardship, joy and peace that radiate from her.

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