Nelson Sokiri

“I like working with others. Each person has his or her own business, but we work together. If one is defeated or has family problems, then the others can help. Each makes their own money, but we are committed to helping each other.”

Nelson Sokiri is a Seed Effect microfinance client who works as a fishmonger in Wudu Market. He’s joined forces with two female fishmongers to create a collective that shares the burdens of each other’s businesses. “If one is defeated, then the others can help,” says Nelson. “If they have family problems, they can delegate to others to help run their business. Each makes their own money, they are just committed to helping each other.”

Nelson has seven children and his wife, Joyce Poni, stays at home to take care of them. He says he works hard so that she won’t have to work, an unusual attitude in South Sudan.

When asked about his experience of God, Nelson says, “I had challenges in life and felt that I could not bear them by myself, so I gave my life to Christ.”

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