At Seed Effect we value partnership because together we can go further.

Church Partnerships

27% of Seed Effect groups meet in churches.

Through Seed Effect’s partnership with Empower One and other like-minded organizations, we partner with the local church by starting Seed Effect Savings & Loan groups at churches.

Our program equips the church with financial and discipleship tools to empower its members.


Our program also serves as an outreach tool. We start groups in the areas surrounding these churches to reach people that might not visit a church.

We share the gospel and disciple our members aiming to plug them into a local church in their area for continued discipleship.


of members report that this program has improved their relationships with God, self, and others.


of members who were not Christians prior to joining Seed Effect report that they are now “born again” and have chosen to follow Jesus.

Business Partnerships

Our members meet weekly with their Seed Effect Savings & Loan group to study God’s word, pool their savings, and lend to each other. In a region where access to financial tools and resources is limited, these small loans provide the capital needed to launch small businesses or expand existing businesses in the refugee settlements and neighboring villages in northern Uganda.

Through Businesses Empowering Businesses, you have a unique opportunity to leverage your business to empower other small business owners in Uganda to access these critical tools, provide hope and opportunity, and support our members in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Partner Spotlight

Here are a few ways that our “Businesses Empowering Businesses” partners are uniquely supporting Seed Effect:

Marc and Mark

Fairway Independent Mortgage

Marc and Mark donate a percentage of every mortgage loan underwritten to Seed Effect to empower other small business owners and provide a customized Seed Effect donation card for each client at closing.

“We have a passion to serve our clients with excellence and also to add a human element to the home loan process. Seed Effect has been a trusted partner for giving a hand-up to the South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans who want to improve their financial and spiritual lives.”

– Marc McClendon and Mark Herrell



“Since hearing about Seed Effect through the giving organization Ambassadors Club nearly 10 years ago, I have been drawn to support the organization’s wonderful work.

My finance background helped Seed Effect’s tactical mission make sense to me, and the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of love Seed Effect promotes spoke to my heart.”

– Jeff Richards

Bethany Bender

Sheep Breeder

Bethany is a 10 year old entrepreneur that breeds sheep. She donates a portion of her giving fund to empower other small business owners to promote hope and opportunity for South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans. 

As Seed Effect has long empowered micro businesses, often run by women, we could think of no better fit than to encourage Bethany to use her earnings to empower someone else to start their small business.”

– Doug Bender, Bethany’s father

Organization Partnerships

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