Pascalina’s Story

Pascalina and her children fled South Sudan after their village was attacked. 

“South Sudan has been shattered and we have fled our home. One horrible day the soldiers came to my village and started killing people. If you were Madi, like I am, they would slaughter you and throw you in the river. And young boys were being abducted to join the army. That is when people started fleeing.

This is all brought about by Satan and is not something we desired. Life is very difficult and thinking about what we have left at home will make us crazy. But we are still joyful because whether in good or bad situations, God is with us.”


After arriving in Uganda, Pascalina decided to join the Seed Effect Savings & Loan Group that was just starting in her refugee settlement.

The group chose the name Amanita which means “We are Learning”.

“I am here alone with my children but coming to join a savings group like this takes away the stress and encourages me to forget the pain. I believe it is not good to beg. God has given me hands and brain to think. I use my hands to make what I need to be independent. God has helped me to trust Him and I am really blessed by the group I’m in.”


We met back up with Pascalina after Amanita had completed their first savings and loan cycle. 

She had a some exciting updates to share with us, including goats!

Seed Effect’s program has been so helpful to me because I have been able to access a loan to improve my business. I was very happy at the end of our first cycle when we distributed our savings and profit. I was able to invest even more in my business and bought some goats to raise. My income is starting to become steadier. I can now afford to pay medical bills and school fees for my children.

Being in the group has helped me and my family to create and keep good relationships. The Bible study has transformed my life into a better one. I am now more familiar with the Word of God and I have learned to stay in peace with my neighbors. I used to have a lot of temptations that would wear me down but knowing Jesus has made me to overcome any problem I face.

“I will continue on with another savings and loan cycle because this program is helpful to me!


“I have learned to stay in peace with my neighbors.”

South Sudan has been torn apart by tribal conflict. But we’re seeing God transform hearts like Pascalina’s as our groups study God’s word together.

As a member of The Greenhouse, you’re empowering mom’s like Pascalina every month.

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