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Launch Committee

Together, we’re going to do something bigger than we’ve ever done before!

The night of October 17th, we’re going to fund the launch of our 4th Seed Effect branch! This is a big goal – $180,000 to reach an additional 3,000 peopleand we need your help! 

In under 18 months, together, with the support of our generous partners, we have empowered over 10,000 members just like Natalie

The impact has been AMAZING and yet, there are still entire towns and refugee settlements that are desperate for this program. That’s why we’re launching a 4th Seed Effect branch in the Imvepi refugee settlement in northern Uganda that will bring this same hope and empowerment to 3,000 new members! 

To launch this branch, we need to raise $180,000!

And so we’re going to do something BIGGER than we’ve ever done before! 

Our goal is to fund this new branch by October 17th and gather together that night at Seed Effect: Grow to celebrate God’s tremendous provision and the impact being made in Uganda. In order to meet this goal, we’re putting together a Launch Committee – a dedicated group of partners – that will fund the launch of this new branch! 

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