Seed Effect is committed to bringing Christ-centered economic empowerment to the hard places.

Hope starts with a simple green box

Each Seed Effect Savings & Loan group receives a secure metal box filled with the necessary tools for establishing a safe place to save. These tools, combined with the long-term guidance of our Indigenous staff, promotes holistic poverty alleviation.

Inside the box

The materials included in our secure metal box, combined with the long-term guidance of our Indigenous team, promote holistic poverty alleviation.

Take a look inside the box!

Fostering Sustainability

Our 3-Year Model

1. Save & Loan

Plant new groups with a focus on training and equipping members to lead their weekly savings group meetings independently.

2. Entrepreneurship

Provide entrepreneurship and livelihood training through Chalmers’ Plan for a Better Business curriculum, promoting resilience and empowering our members to grow.

3. Independence

Facilitate beneficial connections with community leaders, including churches and formal financial institutions. Ensure members are fully equipped to continue meeting independently upon graduation to continue growing.

Our Lifetime Impact


Members Served


Saved by seed effect members


Of groups graduate from their 3rd year


Average return on savings


Loaned by seed effect members

Stories of Impact

Meet Simon

"Now we are one, because of Seed Effect."

Meet Gaba

"We feel like we have filled the gap that was created when we left South Sudan."

Meet Abraham

"Being in my Seed Effect group has really changed my life."

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