“Through Seed Effect we have been enlightened, we have learned a lot, and we can stand strong.”

“When Torit went into crisis, I had to bring my kids here to Uganda for school. I care for 9 kids and some of them are my grandchildren.

I joined a Seed Effect savings group because it is good to be together. In togetherness, like this, you learn things you never knew that are helpful. You learn from the group. Even though I am old, these young ones can teach me.

I have a business selling bread and pancakes. I sell wholesale and supply it to other retail vendors. I also do other things to earn money. When I take loans from the group, I use them to buy food stuffs. I always try buy for less and then I sell it for more. Right now, I am working to save enough so that I can have a bigger business in the market.

I have learned that everything comes from God. Knowledge comes from God. Strength comes from God. The prayer I have is to know more of God.

Seed Effect is the one that makes us come together like this and it makes us very happy. It gives us a big gift and it teaches us things so that we’ll be able to stand on our own. Today I am very strong. The thing I love most about Seed Effect is the community. It brings people together.

Please tell others that there are still many people here that are like I was. I was lonely and weak and lacking a lot of things. But now, through Seed Effect, we have been enlightened, we have learned a lot, and we can stand strong.

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