Seed Effect

is committed to bringing Christ-centered economic empowerment to the hard places. 

The world is facing an unprecedented global refugee crisis.

Current solutions are short-term and unsustainable, creating dependency and trapping families in a perpetual cycle of poverty. But we have a long-term solution that is sustainable and dignifying.

Refuge isn’t meant to be the end goal. Restoration is.

Here's what we're doing

Our Christ-centered, savings-led microfinance program is empowering refugees and those trapped in material poverty to know Jesus and provide for their families with dignity.

As we’ve seen in the refugee settlements and communities we serve in northern Uganda, it’s working.

Together we are making a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve when they need it most. From their very first savings group meeting, members start to look beyond surviving today, and look to the future to dream of what could be.

people empowered

Will you join us?

Together we can change the way the world responds to refugee crises. $90 sends one person through our program and $2250 empowers an entire group of 25 people. 

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