Our 5th Seed Effect branch is now open!


I and the entire OPM management of Rhino Camp stand with Seed Effect Uganda because it is the only organization that understands the principle and importance of empowering the poor and how to fight poverty effectively.”

Rhino Camp Office of the Prime Minister


With faithful support from you and our generous grant from Kingdom Giving Fund, we can celebrate the following milestones since launching our 5th Branch at Rhino Camp in January:

  • Head office staff has met with district and refugee settlement leadership to introduce what Seed Effect will be doing and announce launching operations.
  • The office has been constructed in the Rhino settlement.
  • Rhino staff has been hired, onboarded, and trained.
  • Motorbikes for field operations have been bought and delivered.
  • Field staff have been trained and equipped for safe motorbike operations.
  • 39 Groups have been formed with 1,105 members!

Read more below about the transformative and redeeming work the Lord is doing through you!

Seed Effect’s 5th branch launched in Rhino Camp in January of this year and is already proving to be a blessing to the refugees and community.

This initial phase has been focused on branch preparation, staff hiring and onboarding, meeting with local leaders and officials, and, of course, launching new Seed Effect groups!

Scovia Mansuk, Head of Operations, said,

“Considering the core values of Seed Effect Uganda; Transparency, Accountability, Respect and Dignity, starting a new operation in a new location involves reaching the communities through both government stakeholders and religious leaders.

Praise the Lord Group praying for Field Officer Unzimai Dominic.

At the opening of the new office, it was amazing to see the excitement this new branch in Rhino Camp has brought to the hearts of the local government leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, as well as the refugee community and the staff of Seed Effect Uganda.”

The Rhino Camp Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Commandant shared,

“I and the entire OPM management of Rhino Camp stand with Seed Effect Uganda because it is the only organization that understands the principle and importance of empowering the poor and how to fight poverty effectively.


The fact that Seed Effect Uganda does not believe in granting cash money to the community, and they make sure they never compromise, means that every community Seed Effect goes to will be empowered and transformed because people will learn to be independent and kill the spirit of dependency.

Additionally, this expansion has given Seed Effect Uganda the opportunity to hire new talented personnel and promote high performing staff. This has been such an encouragement and motivation for our team.

Nelson Adritia, South Sudanese refugee and former Seed Effect Field Officer for Arua Branch was promoted to Rhino Camp Branch Coordinator.

Nelson shared,

“What an awesome God I serve that He is using Seed Effect to wipe out my tears of sorrows for all the bad experiences in this life as an orphan.

I will serve God here because he has called me.

Rhino Camp needs us and we are here to cause the change.

Because of your support, 39 Seed Effect groups have already been formed serving 1,105 new members! 

And we’re STILL growing!

Figure 1 – Map of refugee settlements in Uganda
With your continued support, we will launch TWO MORE Seed Effect branches in the coming months to reach the two largest remaining under-served refugee settlements and communities in northern Uganda over the next two years.

In addition to the growth we anticipate across our four existing branches, through these new branch expansions, Seed Effect will be able to serve an additional 20,500 South Sudanese refugees and Ugandans over the next five years than originally projected.

Thank you for your commitment to see the world’s most insecure and hard to reach communities stabilized through economic empowerment and the hope of Jesus Christ!

Uganda is one of the largest refugee-hosting nations in the world with over 1.4 million refugees. Over 60% of these refugees (approximately 882,000 people) reside in seven refugee settlements in northern Uganda, where, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the poverty rate was estimated to be as high as 84%. (1) Across these settlements, up to 78% of refugees report a lack of access to credit to start or grow businesses. (2)

With the launch of Rhino Camp Branch, Seed Effect is now operating in five of these refugee settlements and host districts in northern Uganda and will be expanding to serve in all seven by 2023. (See ‘Map of Refugee Settlements in Uganda’ above.) 

(1) World Bank “Uganda Poverty Assessment 2016: Fact Sheet”, (2) REACH: Refugee Access to Livelihoods, Housing, Land, and Property May 2019, Uganda

It starts with a simple green box. 


Together we can bring hope and opportunity to the hard places and empower more refugees and those living in material poverty to know Jesus and provide for their families with dignity.


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