At Seed Effect, we believe that introducing our members to Jesus and empowering them to repair broken relationships is essential if our desire is true transformation. Since poverty is more complex than just material or economic needs, the solution must address these complexities. There is no better way to facilitate Christ-centered community and economic empowerment than through partnership with the local church.

To deepen our relationship with the local churches we partner with, for the fourth year, Seed Effect hosted a Church Leaders Conference this past April. The conference drew 57 church leaders across several denominations from both the refugee and host communities. 

Our staff led enriching discussions and workshops on the following topics: Seed Effect’s three-cycle program, the four key relationships, and Seed Effect’s group-to-group ministry plans for 2023. Throughout the conference, testimonies were shared by church leaders, highlighting the ways in which God has been working through Seed Effect groups, further motivating and inspiring the attendees.  One of the church leaders shared,

“I thank Seed Effect for bringing such timely teachings. May the Lord continue to bless you and the work you are doing. I also appreciate the team for conceiving such an idea that strengthens our faith.” 

The conference  served as a platform for church leaders to deepen their understanding of Seed Effect’s mission and to foster further collaboration in spreading the Word of God to all communities.

We are so grateful for our locally led staff’s continued commitment and fervor in equpping and sharing the power of Jesus and for the privilege it is to get to both pour out as well as be poured into and strengthened by the local churches and their leaders. 

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