June + July Prayer Requests

Can you believe we are already in August of 2023?! Neither can we. The summer has been full as our locally-led staff continues to form new savings groups across Seed Effect’s 7 branches in northern Uganda. Both our USA and Ugandan teams are fast at work while simultaneously being intentional to keep the sabbath holy as well as to rest and reinvigorate throughout the summer.

Below you will find prayer requests from both June and July as well as a pre-cursor to August with a special prayer request for our trip team that leaves this Saturday! We will be sure to follow up after the trip and share how the Lord moved during this time and throughout all of August. Until then please join us in praising the Lord for how he is equipping our staff and moving through Seed Effect. Additionally, please join us in interceding for our staff and members as many trials have been faced this summer.

We are grateful to serve a God that reminds us that, in Him, holding the tension of joy and grief alongside one another is possible.

For His glory,

the Seed Effect Team

Seed Effect Uganda 

  • For June Activities
    • Our branches are forming new groups this month! Pray for our staff, as they train leaders for these new groups, and for the new groups to understand the processes in the savings groups!
    • Pray for our current groups, many of whom will have their share out meetings this month! This is a time of celebration for our group members, as they see how they have not only saved money, but also how they have grown in their relationships with Jesus!
    • Our savings groups have been reaching out to other savings groups, to encourage them, and to see more people come to know Jesus as their Savior!
    • Pray that our staff and group members would ensure that group devotions are clear, so that all might grow in their walks with Jesus!
    • The head office staff will be visiting the branches. Pray for discernment for the head office staff, as well as for encouragement for branch staff!
  • For several of our staff members, who have lost family members.
    • Field officer Dominic Unjimai, who lost a brother.
    • Field officer Loindo, who lost a sister
    • Security officer Okello Joel Albertt, who lost a child
  • For Management of our Processes.
    • Please pray for wisdom as groups are growing.
    • Pray for clarity and wisdom for management plans, as we grow.
  • Health Challenges
    • Pray for God’s protection from sickness, so that the staff stays well!
    • For field officers Athanasios’ wife, who is sick.
    • As food rations have bee reduced, please pray for the refugees that we serve, to have enough food.
  • Additional requests
    • Please pray for rain as crops are dying.
    • For peace in South Sudan, Congo, and Sudan as people are dying.
    • For children and women, who are living in difficulties, specifically those who are orphans and widows.
  • For July Activities
    •  Pray for the staff as they continue with their work every day—that they will be reminded how important this work is, and be encouraged about the eternal impact they are having on so many lives.
    • For the up-coming spiritual conference in Yumbe—that people would come to know Jesus, be convicted of their sin, and grow in their faith.
    • For the spiritual leaders in each group to continue growing in their faith so they can strengthen their group members with truth.
    • For our Community Based Facilitators, who travel each day to group meetings, trainings, and Bible studies, for their safety, and for God to use them to empower our savings group members.
  • For staff members who have lost family members
    • Comfort for Field Officer Losuba who lost his father in law on July 1, 2023.
  • For Illnesses
    • Please pray for healing for Sitella, an admin in Adjumani, who has malaria.
    • Also pray for the child of Field Officer, Manyok, who is sick.
  • For Challenges
    • Pray for the rain, as farmers do their work and for the growth of the their crops.
    • As refugees from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continue to flee violence and seek safety in Uganda, the humanitarian response is being stretched to a breaking point.  Please pray!
    • For our refugee savings group members, as they try to manage their money while the economic situation is alarming.

Seed Effect USA

  • Protection as We Travel To Uganda
    • Ashley and Denny are taking a small group to Uganda in early August.  Would you pray that as we prepare for the trip, that each person would have their hearts open to all that God has for us as we go—and that each one will feel uniquily empowered to love our Seed Effect Ugandan staff and savings group participants well.  Also, that we will all come home knowing that God has used us to love our staff and savings group members with His love while we are there.  And that He would change us, making us more like Him!
  • $30K in 30 days turned $45K in 45 days!
    • In just 24 days, we were able to raise over $30,000 to empower 333 new Seed Effect Members, thanks to generous supporters like you. Additionally, this unlocked a $15,000 challenge grant from a donor that wanted to help keep the momentum going. There are 7 days left, and we are 77% of the way to empowering a total of 500 new members in just 45 days!!
  • That Christ Will Always Be Our Main Focus
    • That we will be prayerful, listening for His leading in everything we do as a ministry. My all we do reflect Christ!
  • Spiritual Rhythms
    • Just as we pray this for our friends in Uganda, we need this for ourselves in the U.S. It is so easy to be distracted.  May we seek God and His righteousness first always.
  • Wisdom as We Grow
    • We have seen tremendous growth over the last several years, and covet your prayers over our team, that we would make time to listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading as we continue to grow. We don’t want to get ahead of the Lord.
    • Would you also pray that God would bring more people who understand the mission of Seed Effect to come alongside us and support this work.

“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.”

Romans 11:36

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