Becoming a family called “Unity.”

Almost two hours away from the nearest town and hundreds of miles away from home, the members of Unity Seed Effect group are celebrating restoration in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda.

There are nine tribes represented amongst the 30 South Sudanese group members that meet weekly at their local church, Bible Hope International.

After a year of weekly meetings that include Bible studies, building Christ-centered community, saving together, and accessing critical financial tools, the members of Unity group disbursed their share out of $2,351.

Edward, pastor of Bible Hope International Church, where Unity group meets shared,

Pastor Edward of Bible Hope International

“Prior to joining Seed Effect, our members reported a lack of access to critical financial tools, and, on average, reported having less than $7 in savings. After just one year, the members of Unity group had saved an average of $80 per person in savings. There is a lot to celebrate.”

Their goals and dreams are becoming reality. Together, we’re empowering refugees and people living in poverty to prove that they are capable and can be economically self-sufficient rather than eternally dependent on handouts.

But what is most encouraging is the way God is using this group to restore relationships.

Here’s what the group members shared: “We did not know each other before moving here. But now, people from different tribes have come together and we have become a family called Unity. When we are sick, our group members come and visit us. When one is lacking, the group members can help. There is a lot of cohesion in this group.

“Back in South Sudan, we had conflict, and we were not loving our neighbors well. But now we realize, because of Seed Effect’s teachings, there is a mandate to relate well with our neighbors, ourselves, and God. We hope these teachings continue to others so that by the time peace comes to South Sudan, this will be a transforming agent.”

– Ledia Meling

Ledia Meling, member of “Unity” Seed Effect Savings and Loan Group 

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