September Prayer Requests

We thank God for the successful work done in the month of August, all program activities went well. We thank God for answering our prayer about the Seed Effect USA visit and the great encouragement it brought to all the visited group members as well as Seed Effect Uganda staff.

Seed Effect Uganda 

  • For staff outreach to churches.
  • For Seed Effect Uganda Activities for the month of September.
  • For group to group fellowship as they come together to listen to the word of God.
  • For the safety of our field officers as they travel long distances on difficult road conditions in order to serve our members and form new groups.
  • For staff health and the health of their family members.
  • For head office visit to the branches from 11-22/9/2023.
  • For new groups to be formed this month.

Seed Effect USA

  • Seed Effect’s Fall Luncheon will be here on 10.18.2023. We are thrilled to have Chair of the Seed Effect Uganda Board and Co-Founder, Pastor David Kaya with us to share about Seed Effect’s mission and what it was like growing up back and forth between Uganda and South Sudan because of the civil wars.
    • Will you join us in praying for safe travels for Pastor Kaya?
    • Additionally, will you join us in praying for a successful event, especially as this will be the first luncheon, without Denny Slaton’s leadership as she is stepping into a new adventure in Chattanooga and concluding her formal time with Seed Effect at the end of the month?
  • Engaging New Supporters! Would you continue to pray for Seed Effect as we work to expand our community of supporters both within the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as throughout the United States? 
  • Discernment as we grow! We are continuing to grow and we are thankful beyond what words can justly express. Would you join us in praying for our lean team? That we would steward this growth and expansion in a way that is worthy of the gospel — in a way that reflects that we get to be vessels for the work the Lord is doing in Uganda.
    • Additionally, as aforementioned, this is our last month with the beloved, Denny Slaton, on Seed Effect’s formal full time staff, would you join us in praying for her in her last month as well as join us in praying for guidance as we will begin the process of determining new roles that need to be added to our lean team?

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

~ Ephesians 3:20

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